Frequently Asked Questions

This is an important update for all Peerzone users.

Peerzone was launched a decade ago to help corporations understand and monitor web application performance across the internet. The Internet has rapidly evolved and the technologies and approaches for monitoring have also changed. We are therefore announcing the retirement of Peerzone.

On October 1 2018, the Peerzone system will be retired and all measurements will be stopped on Peer software. Active Peers will continue to receive payments through end of September 2018 per our terms of service. Thereafter all Peer software should be uninstalled . Please note that we will not be accepting new Peer registrations and will not be activating Pending Peers effective immediately.

To uninstall the Peerzone Peer, run "Add or Remove programs" on your Peer machine, select the Dynatrace Peer, select "Uninstall" and follow on-screen instructions.

As we highly value your participation over the years, we want to ensure this process is as smooth and easy as possible for you; any additional questions you have regarding this can be directed to Peerzone Support. Our Peerzone team will be available from now through end of October 2018.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Best Regards – The Peerzone Team.
  • Q: will I get paid for accrued hours through end of September?
      • A: Peerzone only pays ACTIVE accounts that have accrued the minimum $5.00 payment each month. Only peers that meet this criteria will be paid for July, August, and September 2018. Payments less than the $5.00 will not be paid out. Pending accounts do not receive payments and we are not activating pending peers.
  • Q: do I have to manually uninstall the Peer software?
      • A: Yes, you must manually uninstall the peer. use the 'Add/Remove Programs' and select 'Uninstall' for 'Dynatrace Peer' or run the 'uninstall.exe' executable from the Peer software directory (typically \Program Files (x86)\Dynatrace\LastMile).
  • Q: is there any other program like Peerzone that I can sign up for?
      • A: We are not offering an alternative program at this time.
  • Q: It's October 1 and my Peer still shows that it is active - why?
      • A: We are in the process of deactivating tests on the network then deactivating all peers. You may uninstall the Peer software at any time.
  • Q: I have more questions on this retirement - who can I speak to?
      • A: You may address any additional questions to - the Peerzone team will be available from now through October 2018. Please note that we will not respond to requests to activate peers (we are no longer activating peers) or requests for accrued payments < $5.00 - as stated above these will not be paid out.

About your account

    My account is Active, I’ve earned monthly minimum but still not getting paid – why?

    If your account is listed as Active, you have earned the minimum of $5.00 during the pay period and still did not receive payment you need to check and update your Paypal account details. To do this:

    • login to your Peerzone account
    • navigate to Account Home page
    • Select the "Paypal Email - Update" link (bottom right of homepage)
    • Select  the "Deposit to your Paypal Account" option and ensure the correct email address is listed.
    • Press the Submit button to refresh your details in our Peerzone database
    This is the most common reason why active peers in good standing that meet monthly minimums do not get paid. Following the steps above will ensure that your Paypal account details are correctly update and stored and we recommend doing this before the next payment period.

    My account is pending, when will it become active?

    All new Peers go into the Pending status until we need more peers (in your country, your carrier or speed).

    As of July 2018 we are not accepting new peers and pending peers will not be made active. We apologize for any inconvenience.