Frequently Asked Questions

About your account

    My account is Active, I’ve earned monthly minimum but still not getting paid – why?

    If your account is listed as Active, you have earned the minimum of $5.00 during the pay period and still did not receive payment you need to check and update your Paypal account details. To do this:

    • login to your Peerzone account
    • navigate to Account Home page
    • Select the "Paypal Email - Update" link (bottom right of homepage)
    • Select ┬áthe "Deposit to your Paypal Account" option and ensure the correct email address is listed.
    • Press the Submit button to refresh your details in our Peerzone database
    This is the most common reason why active peers in good standing that meet monthly minimums do not get paid. Following the steps above will ensure that your Paypal account details are correctly update and stored and we recommend doing this before the next payment period.

    My account is pending, when will it become active?

    All new Peers go into the Pending status until we need more peers (in your country, your carrier or speed).

    As of July 2018 we are not accepting new peers and pending peers will not be made active. We apologize for any inconvenience.