Using the PEER Software

This is an important update for all Peerzone users.

Peerzone was launched a decade ago to help corporations understand and monitor web application performance across the internet. The Internet has rapidly evolved and the technologies and approaches for monitoring have also changed. We are therefore announcing the retirement of Peerzone.

On October 1 2018, the Peerzone system will be retired and all measurements will be stopped on Peer software. Active Peers will continue to receive payments through end of September 2018 per our terms of service. Thereafter all Peer software should be uninstalled . Please note that we will not be accepting new Peer registrations and will not be activating Pending Peers effective immediately.

To uninstall the Peerzone Peer, run "Add or Remove programs" on your Peer machine, select the Dynatrace Peer, select "Uninstall" and follow on-screen instructions.

As we highly value your participation over the years, we want to ensure this process is as smooth and easy as possible for you; any additional questions you have regarding this can be directed to Peerzone Support. Our Peerzone team will be available from now through end of October 2018.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Best Regards – The Peerzone Team.

The PEER user interface allows you to view your system’s participation in the PEER program. It reports your Current Activity, Account Status and Account Balance in one easy to navigate window.

Below is a screenshot of the typical PEER interface:


PEER Profile: This section of the interface displays your username, current activity update timer, current online time rank, total online time and account status. Your account status determines whether you are eligible for payments for your Online Time and Processing Time. You learn more about each of these items by clicking on the corresponding link below:

Current Activity

The Current Activity section displays the current status of your PEER application. It will change from "waiting" to "processing" depending on whether or not your PEER application is currently processing any tests for the Dynatrace servers.

Account Status

Account status determines whether you are eligible for payments for your Processing Time. After your application is reviewed and confirms you are running the PEER application you will be designated as one of the following three account statuses, or categories: Active, Pending or Inactive. Your account designation will display on the PEER application interface window, or GUI, and on your account page. For more information about each status category, please see the definitions in this glossary.

Active Account Status

Active PEERs are those users who have been selected by to receive payments for Online Time and Processing Time. Selection is made at Gomez’ sole discretion, and based on the current Gomez business need for Gomez PEERs with certain System Characteristics and System Activity. “Active” Gomez PEERs will receive payments based on Processing Time, Online Time and Referral Bonuses. For additional information, please consult the Terms of Service.

Pending Account Status

Gomez has not yet selected you to be an “Active” Gomez PEER. All pending PEERs are reviewed for activation approximately every two (2) weeks. Gomez selects which PEERs to activate, at its sole discretion, based on validated System Characteristics, System Activity and business need. Make sure you download, install, and run the Gomez PEER application to accrue System Activity to be eligible for activation. Only peers with accrued System Activity will be made made Active. Pending Gomez PEERs are not compensated for Online Time or Processing Time; however, all Gomez PEERs are eligible for Referral Bonus payments. If your status is changed to Active, you are eligible to receive earnings for Processing Time that accrued in the Earnings Period in which you became Active. Any potential earnings accrued while in Pending status will not be carried over to the next Earnings Period. Only Pending PEERs with accrued system activity will be considered for activation.

Inactive Account Status

Gomez has not received or reviewed your application, or your account has been found to be in violation of our Terms of Service. “Inactive” Gomez PEERs are not compensated for Processing Time or Online Time; however, all Gomez PEERs are eligible for Referral Bonus payments. Any potential earnings accrued while in “Inactive” status will not be carried over to the next Earnings Period. If you wish to receive more information specific to your “Inactive” account status please contact us.

Account Balance: This section of the interface displays the amount of time your PC was available online, the amount of time it processed work and your earnings for the day, month and lifetime as a Gomez PEER. You can find more information on each earnings total by clicking below.

Online Time

Online Time is the number of minutes that your computer system is running the Gomez PEER while connected to the Internet. After installing the Gomez PEER, it will periodically communicate with Gomez’s servers through the Internet, signal that it is available for work, and request a work unit.

Processing Time

Processing Time is the number of minutes that your system is processing work for Gomez while an Internet connection is present and the Gomez PEER is able to communicate with Gomez’s servers. Based on your System Characteristics, the Gomez PEER will receive instructions to autonomously test the responsiveness and performance of the Web and certain Web sites.


Earnings are computed using your total processing time and online time in combination with the pay rates associated with your country. You can view our current pay rates here.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonuses can be earned by Gomez PEERs for referring potential Gomez PEERs using the Refer a Friend page. To be eligible for Referral Bonuses, Gomez PEERs may have an “Active,” “Pending,” or “Inactive” Account Status. There is no maximum number of referred Gomez PEERs allowed per username account. Gomez PEERs can earn money from referrals according to the rate sheet. Referred potential PEERs must meet the following conditions before you are eligible for the Referral Bonus. Potential Gomez PEERs must: 1. complete the application form and indicate the your valid username. 2. have that application approved by Gomez (which approval or denial of approval shall be in Gomez’s sole discretion) 3. download, install, and run the Software. 4. be selected as an “Active” Gomez PEER.

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service for more details.



The preferences panel can be accessed by selecting "Preferences" under the "Options" menu while in the PEER interface. The preferences panel allows you to modify your username, machine name, location and network connection type. The preferences panel also features the performance manager slide bar, which allows you to manage how much work the PEER application will process on your system. You also have the option to disable the PEER interface window from launching automatically during system startup.

For questions to many questions about Gomez PEER, please visit the FAQ page.