Our glossary provides definitions for many of the common technical words and terms that you will encounter on our site. If a particular word or term is not listed here try our FAQ page or Terms of Service pages.

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NOTE: Please reference the Terms of Service if there is any question about the program terminology.

Account Status: Account status determines whether you are eligible for payments for your Processing Time. After your application is reviewed and confirms you are running the Gomez PEER application you will be designated as one of the following three account statuses, or categories: Active, Pending, or Inactive. Your account designation will display on the PEER application interface window, or GUI, and on your account page. For more information about each status category, please see the definitions in this glossary.

Active Gomez PEER: Active Gomez PEERs are those users who have been selected by to receive payments for Online Time and Processing Time. Selection is made at Gomez' sole discretion, and based on the current Gomez business need for Gomez PEERs with certain System Characteristics and System Activity. "Active" Gomez PEERs will receive payments based on Processing Time, Online Time and Referral Bonuses. For further assistance, please consult the Terms of Service.

Earnings Period and Earnings Closing Date: Earnings Period is defined as one month beginning with the first calendar day of the month to the last calendar day of the month. For example, July 1 to July 31 is one Earnings Period.The Earnings Closing Date is defined as the last calendar day of the month (for example, July 31).

Gomez PEER: An individual who has applied to become a participant in the Program, whose application has been approved by Gomez, and who has downloaded, installed, and run the Software on his/her System in accordance with the EULA

Inactive Gomez PEER: Gomez has not received or reviewed your application, or your account has been found to be in violation of our Terms of Service. "Inactive" Gomez PEERs are not compensated for Processing Time or Online Time; however, all Gomez PEERs are eligible for Referral Bonus payments. Any potential earnings accrued while in "Inactive" status will not be carried over to the next Earnings Period. If you wish to receive more information specific to your "Inactive" account status please contact us.

Maximum Monthly Payment: All payments are subject to a monthly maximum according to the rate sheet posted on the Web site. Earnings accrued in excess of the Maximum Payment Amount will not be paid or carried forward to the next Earnings Period. This payment limit is determined by Gomez in its sole discretion and is subject to change at any time without notice.

Minimum Monthly Payment: You must accrue a minimum monthly amount of earnings before payments are distributed electronically through your PayPal account. The current minimum monthly payment accrual amount is listed on the rate sheet on the Web site. The Minimum Monthly Payment amount can be a combination of Processing Time and/or Referral Bonuses payment amounts. If the Minimum Monthly Payment amount is not met during the current Earnings Period, the account balance will be carried forward and applied to the next Earnings Period.

Online Time: Online Time is the number of minutes that your computer system is running the Gomez PEER while connected to the Internet. After installing the Gomez PEER, it will periodically communicate with Gomez's servers through the Internet, signal that it is available for work, and request a work unit.

Online Time Payments: Only Active PEERs are are eligible to receive Online Time payments. The Gomez PEER software must run for a minimum of 20 hours a day for Online Time payments to be credited. Online Time hours do not carry over day to day. Daily 24 hour periods are based on GMT time.

Payment Partners: Gomez distributes payments through its fulfillment partner, PayPal. Therefore, Gomez PEERs are required to register for a free PayPal account at to be eligible to receive any payments. Due to account reconciliation, Gomez PEERs eligible for payment for Online Time, Processing Time or Referral Bonuses ("Active" Gomez PEERs only) will have funds deposited into their payment accounts before the next Earnings Closing Date as long as said PEER has meet the Minimum Monthly Payment. NOTE: Please be sure to register your PayPal account with the same e-mail address. Gomez submits your payment to PayPal using the e-mail address you provided during the Gomez PEER application process.

Pending Gomez PEER: Gomez has not yet selected you to be an "Active" Gomez PEER. All pending PEERs are reviewed for activation approximately every two (2) weeks. Gomez selects which PEERs to activate, at its sole discretion, based on validated System Characteristics, System Activity and business need. Make sure you download, install, and run the Gomez PEER application to accrue System Activity to be eligible for activation. Only peers with accrued System Activity will be made made Active. Pending Gomez PEERs are not compensated for Online Time or Processing Time; however, all Gomez PEERs are eligible for Referral Bonus payments. If your status is changed to Active, you are eligible to receive earnings for Processing Time that accrued in the Earnings Period in which you became Active. Any potential earnings accrued while in Pending status will not be carried over to the next Earnings Period. Only Pending PEERs with accrued system activity will be considered for activation.

Please see our PEER Best Practices page for more information on how to be selected for activation.

Processing Time: Processing Time is the number of minutes that your system is processing work for Gomez while an Internet connection is present and the Gomez PEER is able to communicate with Gomez's servers. Based on your System Characteristics, the Gomez PEER will receive instructions to autonomously test the responsiveness and performance of the Web and certain Web sites.

Processing Time Payments: To be eligible for Processing Time payments for any given day, you must be an Active Gomez PEER and then you can earn money for Processing Time according to the rate sheet.

Referral Bonus: Referral Bonuses can be earned by Gomez PEERs for referring potential Gomez PEERs using the Refer a Friend page. To be eligible for Referral Bonuses, Gomez PEERs may have an "Active," "Pending," or "Inactive" Account Status. There is no maximum number of referred Gomez PEERs allowed per username account. Gomez PEERs can earn money from referrals according to the rate sheet. Referred potential PEERs must meet the following conditions before you are eligible for the Referral Bonus. Potential Gomez PEERs must: 1. complete the application form and indicate the your valid username. 2. have that application approved by Gomez (which approval or denial of approval shall be in Gomez's sole discretion) 3. download, install, and run the Software. 4. be selected as an "Active" Gomez PEER.

System: A System is any laptop or desktop computer that has been installed with the Gomez PEER software. Virtual machines are not recognized as legitimate systems. Running the PEER software on a virtual machine will result in account deactivation.

System Characteristics: System characteristics include (but are not limited to) geographic location, connection type and Internet service provider. Compuware Gomez reviews all applications and profiles each applicant according to information about the PC (system).

System Activity: Your current and historical Online Time and Processing Time. Once a user downloads the Gomez PEER software, Gomez profiles applicants according to their PC's (system's) availability and work processed. System Activity is defined as a Gomez PEER's current and historical Online Time and Processing Time. Gomez Peers with higher System Activity take priority in the activation process.