PEER Activation Facts   

 May 23, 2012 by Dynatrace PEER Zone

New PEERs often have a number of questions around account activation so we put together a short list of activation facts below.

  • We activate PEER accounts based on our current testing needs in specific countries and regions, all PEER accounts are reviewed for activation approximately every 10 days, however, we cannot guarantee all accounts will be activated; Please check our News, Facebook and Twitter pages for all activation updates

  • Our testing needs are always changing, if your account isn't immediately activated keep running the PEER software to remain eligible for future account activation; We activate more frequently in areas with higher testing needs

  • PEERs who have not run the PEER software within the past 7 days may not be activated, even if located in areas where we are currently activating

  • Due to the extremely high volume of emails and social posts we receive regarding activation we can not respond to individual activation requests

Our News, Facebook and Twitter pages are the best resources to keep tabs on when and where we'll be making activations so you can coordinate when to make sure to run the PEER software and refer your friends to earn bonus payments.