How to Increase Processing Time   

 April 4, 2012 by Dynatrace PEER Zone

PEERs are always asking us how they can accrue more processing time for their PEER applications. It makes sense since the more processing time you accrue the higher your PEER account balance will be. The fact is that while the amount of assigned processing time in any given area changes regularly with our clients' needs there are a few very basic things you can do to ensure your machine receives all the processing time it can.

  • Stay online: Machines that have the highest rates of availability receive first priority when processing time is being assigned

  • Check your screen saver and energy settings: It's OK if your screen shuts off but if your hard drive goes into sleep mode your PC won't be able communicate with our servers so no processing time will be sent to your PEER application

  • Link more PCs to your PEER account: Linking more PC's to your PEER account gives you the ability to accrue double, triple, quadruple the processing time - even more depending on how many PCs you have access to. With multiple PCs linked to your PEER account you are credited with the combined total of the processing time accrued by each individual PC; so if you normally average 100 processing minutes a day with one machine then you could accrue 200 minutes of processing time with two PCs, 300 minutes with three machines and so on. Processing time is dependent on our current testing needs, but when testing is high in your area having more machines running the PEER software and linked to your PEER account will give you the opportunity to accrue more processing time earning you a higher payout.

Instruction for Linking additional PCs to your PEER Account:

To link the PEER software to your PEER account you must enter the username associated with the account your account when prompted during the installation process. If the PEER software is already installed on the PC you can link the software to a new PEER account by opening the PEER software and clicking 'Options' found in the menu at the top of PEER software's window. Then click 'Preferences' in the drop down menu that appears. A new window named 'Preferences' will appear where you can update which account the PEER software is linked to by changing the username. To change the username click 'Modify' to make the username input field editable. Simply enter the username of the account you'd like the PEER software linked to and click 'Save' located at the bottom of the window.