How to make your own PEER referral link   

 March 21, 2012 by Dynatrace PEER Zone

Many PEERs have asked how they can create their own PEER referral links to ensure that their usernames will be automatically populated in the "Referred By" field when their referrals fill out the PEER application page.

There are two ways to make sure that your username appears in the "Referred By" section of the application page. First, you can use the Refer a Friend link located in the navigation bar above to send up up to five referral emails at at time. Each email address you enter will receive an automated referral email stating that you would like to refer each recipient to the PEER Program. Each email also features a link to our application page which will be pre-populated with your username in the "Referred By" field.

The second option allows you to create your own referral link. This is a popular option as it allows PEERs send a personalized email to referrals, post the link on websites and forums and share it using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. To create your personalized referral link simply add your username to the end of the following application link and the application page will load with your username pre-populated in the "Referred By" field: