What is PEER?

PEER is a secure java application that runs in the background of your PC and leverages your system’s idle resources (such as unused processing power, RAM, and bandwidth) to test the performance of many of the world’s most popular websites.

How does PEER work?

By using your system’s unique characteristics, in combination with other unique systems around the world, the PEER application performs tests that measure how websites perform for their visitors. The results play a pivotal role in shaping how these websites function and improve, and because the PEER runs in the background of your system you are never required to visit specific websites or alter your normal Internet usage. As long as you are connected to the Internet the PEER will be able to perform its tests with no impact on your machine’s performance.

How do you earn cash with PEER?

Simply run the PEER application as often as possible while connected to the Internet. Active* PEERs accumulate earnings for their daily Online Time and every minute of work their system processes for the Dynatrace servers.

Important Note: You must have a PayPal account in order receive payments for running the PEER software. PayPal is currently the only method through which payouts are distributed. Additionally, you must use the same email address associated with your PayPal account when registering the PEER program to ensure proper delivery of PEER payments.

For additional information please see our FAQ page.

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*Please Note: Account activation depends on how well your system characteristics (connection type, location, etc) match our current testing needs. We would encourage you to be patient with the program after applying; but we cannot guarantee that you will be activated. All pending PEER accounts are reviewed for activation approximately every 2 weeks; continue to run the PEER application to remain eligible for account activation. For updates on our latest testing and activation needs be sure to check our News Page and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.