What is PEER?

PEER is a secure java application that runs in the background of your PC and leverages your system’s idle resources (such as unused processing power, RAM, and bandwidth) to test the performance of many of the world’s most popular websites.

How does PEER work?

By using your system’s unique characteristics, in combination with other unique systems around the world, the PEER application performs tests that measure how websites perform for their visitors. The results play a pivotal role in shaping how these websites function and improve, and because the PEER runs in the background of your system you are never required to visit specific websites or alter your normal Internet usage. As long as you are connected to the Internet the PEER will be able to perform its tests with no impact on your machine’s performance.

How do you earn cash with PEER?

Simply run the PEER application as often as possible while connected to the Internet. Active* PEERs accumulate earnings for their daily Online Time and every minute of work their system processes for the Dynatrace servers.

This is an important update for all Peerzone users.

Peerzone was launched a decade ago to help corporations understand and monitor web application performance across the internet. The Internet has rapidly evolved and the technologies and approaches for monitoring have also changed. We are therefore announcing the retirement of Peerzone.
On October 1 2018, the Peerzone system will be retired and all measurements will be stopped on Peer software. Active Peers will continue to receive payments through end of September 2018 per our terms of service. Thereafter all Peer software should be uninstalled . Please note that we will not be accepting new Peer registrations and will not be activating Pending Peers effective immediately. To uninstall the Peerzone Peer, run "Add or Remove programs" on your Peer machine, select the Dynatrace Peer, select "Uninstall" and follow on-screen instructions. As we highly value your participation over the years, we want to ensure this process is as smooth and easy as possible for you; any additional questions you have regarding this can be directed to Peerzone Support. Our Peerzone team will be available from now through end of October 2018.