What to do when your connection fails   

 October 22, 2012 by Dynatrace PEER Zone

Many PEERs often run into issues where their PEER software fails to connect upon system start-up, after a reboot or following a system update. This is often due to a security setting, either in your operating system or associated with installed anti-virus software, that is reset when there is a change made to your system. It can also happen immediately following the installation of the PEER software when the application is attempting to connect to the Gome PEER servers for the first time.

In most cases simply restarting the Gomez PEER application will correct the issue. Simply right click the PEER icon in your system tray and select "quit" to close the application and then relaunch from the programs menu.

If this does not correct the issue you can follow these steps to ensure your PEER application is properly connecting to our servers:

  1. Select "Run" from Start Menu
  2. Enter "cmd" in the command prompt and click "OK" in the window that appears, enter "ping glm-ssl-a.gomez.com" and press enter; you should see several replies and ping statistics.
  3. On the next line enter "ping glm-ssl-s.gomez.com and press enter; you should see several additional replies and ping statistics.
  4. On the next line enter "ping lastmile.gomez.com and press enter; you should see several more replies and ping statistics.

If you did not see any replies or ping statistics then there is something blocking the Gomez PEER application's ability to communicate with the Gomez servers. Please check any firewalls, security software or operating system rules that you are running to ensure they are not blocking the PEER application's connection.